Let Azar Pixel be your trusted partner for all your LED Repair, Design and Service needs

Azar Pixel is your very own LED Digital Display Expert!  Azar Pixel specializes in LED Digital Display repair!  We will repair your LED Digital Display all the way down to the diode and component level.

We are a domestic (United States) company centrally located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We can make your repairs without the high cost of shipping, the tariffs and the long turnaround times associated with overseas repairs.

Azar Pixel is also your LED Display Design Experts.  Our engineers can design an LED Digital Display to meet your exacting specifications.  If you can dream it, Azar Pixel can engineer and design it for you.  Once we realize your dream design, we can also install and support your creation!

Finally, Azar Pixel is your one-stop LED Digital Display Expert in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, in Texas and in the entire United States!

When you think of LED Digital Display, think of Azar Pixel... Your LED Digital Display Experts!