LED Service & Repair

(Azar Pixel specializes in LED tile and module repair. Our goal is simple. We want to save you money and time. We are very experienced professionals in the LED market and know it well.
Whether you have various LED makes and models in your inventory, processors, spines, power supplies, fixed PCBs or something new, we are here to serve you as a one- stop-shop to get your LEDs repaired and get your inventory back where it belongs – at 100% readiness.
Our service expertise runs the gamut from 0.9mm to 10 mm and greater from various manufacturers. Our innovative and dedicated team will work to provide you with the best quality repair with quicker lead times at fair prices that help reduces your downtime. We know how instrumental your LED inventory is to your business. Let Azar Pixel be your trusted partner for all your LED repair needs. We are Dallas, Texas, USA-based so we can work quickly and effectively with you.
We are located in Dallas Texas and as a US-based company we can work quickly and effectively with you. We repair LED modules locally in the United States of America our company is located in DFW, Dallas, Texas area. All indoor and outdoor LED walls,LED Tiles and LED modules are included with our services.
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