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What Is Your Competition Planning To Spend On Digital Signage?

One important thing to think about when considering the importance of LED signage to your business is the plans of your competition with regards to digital signage!  Digital Signage Today magazine sent out a survey in 2019 to businesses asking several questions having to do with future trends of digital signage.  One of the questions they asked was, “How much are you or your agency/company/institution organization planning to spend on digital signage in the next year?”  See the answers to this question below…

  • More than $1 Million  (7%)
  • $100,001 – $1 Million (10%)
  • $25,001 – $100,000 (24%)
  • $5,001 – $25,000 (22%)
  • Less than $5,000 (24%)
  • $0 (13%)

Should You Spend More On Digital Signage?

One of the best ways to determine the importance of digital signage is to look at the success that your competition is having using digital signage.  The best way to determine that is to see if they intend to keep spending or if they favor increasing their spending on digital signage.  The survey asked the question, ” If it (your digital signage budget) is increasing, what is the business case for increasing your portfolio?”  Participants selected their top three reasons.

  • Resulted In Increased Brand Awareness (38%)
  • Staying Up-To-Date With Technology (38%)
  • Screens Resulted In Increased Sales Lift (25%)
  • We’re Not Increasing (25%)
  • Resulted in Increased Profit Margin/Increased Sale of Higher Margin Items (18%)
  • Staying abreast of Competitors (18%)
  • Successful Pilot/Roll-Out to Larger Test (15%)
  • Successful Pilot/Roll-Out Company Wide (12%)
  • Other (9%)  (Community/Emp Engagement, Information Portal, Increased Productivity and Education) 

More Next Time…

Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  Next time we’ll explore more reasons why digital signage is a good strategy for your business!  Send your reactions, comments and/or questions to  

The numbers in the above article were taken from Digital Signage Today magazine.  It is from their Digital Signage Future Trends Survey 2019.