Our Azar Pixel LED Products are all designed and assembled in the USA. This guarantees our clients that they will not have to suffer the extended turnaround times and added expense of ordering product from overseas. In addition, our products are providing jobs for Americans, not overseas workers.

Azar Digital Poster

Say goodbye to the traditional printed poster or static message boards promoting your current special or upcoming event.  Your printed poster will hang outside in the weather where it will begin to fade and sag.  Or, it will hang inside behind the tinted glass where it will never be seen by passersby.  Your backlit static boards, if left outside will begin to yellow and fade.  Inside, they will not show through tinted glass.  Finally, imagine the recurring cost you accrue over the years… a new poster or sign facing for every new event or promotion!

Now, there’s an alternative.  Introducing the new Azar Digital Poster!  No more recurring printing costs.  New content can be produced at the drop of a hat from any number of existing software and uploaded via your cell phone.  The Azar Digital Poster hangs inside your tinted windows and shows brightly to the outside world.  Bright colors and digital animation demand your prospects attention in a way that no static printed poster can compete with.

Join the digital LED communication revolution today!  Call Azar Pixel and ask about our new Azar Digital Poster.


  • Extremely bright display for your message
  • Complete onboard design allows you to simply plug-and-play
  • Wireless Wi-Fi programming without internet connection
  • Silent, fan-less design
  • Optional hardware lets you hang it in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Simple and intuitive programming allows you to easily change messages as often as you like
  • No expensive tariffs shipping costs for service or repairs
  • Lower purchasing cost due to lack of tariffs and shipping
  • Designed and assembled in Texas, USA
  • Azar is a US company who very responsive to service, repair and support